Due to the exceptional situation we are living in from the Senderos Hotel we comply with all the regulations related to the covid-19, so we have the distinctive mark of Andalucía Segura.

Some of the exceptional measures we have adapted are


Cleaning protocols have been established with emphasis on the most commonly used elements such as knobs, switches…

Some elements have been eliminated such as non-essential amenties, welcome details, litter bins leaving only one with a standing opening.

The entire room is disinfected with viricide in addition to the cleaning products.

Swimming pool

A timetable has been established for the pools and in order to make use of it you must make an appointment in advance, or through our website with a QR code prepared at reception.

The cleaning and disinfection of the showers, hammocks as well as establishing certain measures that must be read at the door before entering the premises (for example, it is obligatory to enter the shower before bathing, to use a towel on the hammock, never to lie down directly…


Check-in Check-out

In order to avoid the processing of documentation, an e-mail will be sent so that you can check in online the day before your arrival. When checking out, payment by card is preferred, and the invoice will also be sent by e-mail.


We eliminate during the extraordinary situation the free buffet and the breakfast will be served by ourselves. When they arrive at the cafeteria area they sit down at a table if it is free and clean and wait to be served, otherwise they would wait at the entrance to have the table disinfected so that they can sit down.

We still have the same products as when the buffet was served, such as avocado and cheese toasts, tomato and ham among others, as well as different varieties of bread, although in an extraordinary way we prepare everything.

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